Makeup By Ms. Lydia

I've been a licensed Cosmetologist 42 years and I've been doing lashes 15 years as a certified Eyelash Extensionist


NUFREE was developed over 35 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. NuFree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin, is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body ,an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, clean and germ free, it doesn’t dry and can be erased any time, is clinically tested and uses no animal products .

Eyelash Extensions

I have over 13 yrs experience attaching extensions Silk or Mink with precision and artistry. Eyelash Extensions come in different lengths, thickness and curviness giving you the choice from Classic to an extra Volume look.

Facials, Lash and Brow Tinting

I believe strongly in providing my clients with a long-term skin care plan. The basics of good skin care i nclude proper cleansing, moisturization, sun protection, and promotion of skin renewal and and regeneration. Our Facial Services will complement your basic skin care plan.

Brightening Vitamin C or Hydrating Chocolate.

Immediate results. Best results when series of 3 are booked 3 weeks apart. Great for sensitiveto dry skin types. No need to strip for these.

I also offer lash and brow tinting and customize the color to meet your needs!


I was taught by the Westmore Family who were the pioneers in Film and Television makeup. I strive to compliment the true radiance of your skin in creating personalized looks for you, whether for daily wear or for a special occasion.

Brazilian Spray Tanning

No more smelly, streaky, sticky slow developing tanning treatments. This is a sugar base and absorbs quickly, dries in minutes, will not rub off and you can shower in 5 hours with a tan that last up to 10 days.






Bride and Bridesmaids


Gorgeous Bride


After Eyelashes


After Eyelashes




Before Makeover


After Makeover


A Time Before


A Time After




Styled Lips


Lash Styles


Lashes Before and After


Model Style


Many of my clients have been kind enough to give their thoughts on the work I have carried out for them over the years. These are just a few of the comments that were shared.

Camile B., San Jose, Ca.

"I love my look! My husband is going to be so surprised!"

Terri N., San Francisco, Ca.

"You made me look 10 years younger. I love my color and the style is perfect. How did you do it?! You must be a magician."

Michelle B., Campbell, Ca.

"Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job on my makeup! My bridesmaids and mom's makeup looked just as amazing. We all loved the way we looked and so did everyone else, including my husband. I was really impressed and I am glad that you were part of our day!"

Miss Hawaii

"As Miss Hawaii, I have had makeup artist prepare me for various events. Island hopping with a fashion troop for 4 days, one show per day, preparing 8 models with hair and makeup with no assistants was impressive! Ms Lydia is one of the most professional and talented artist I have had the pleasure of working with. Ms Lydia, YOU ROCK!"

Helen M., San Marin, Ca.

"I turn heads now thanks to Ms. Lydia!"

Ming L., Carmel, Ca.

"I could tell from our first conversation that you were a true professional. You were always on time, prepared and a delight to work with. Thank you for helping us with our shoot."


Alaska Trip


Canada Trip




Ms Hawaii Group


Ms Hawaii Makeup Application


Eyelash Party


Hanging Out


Golf Fun


A Little Icecream


New Years Party


Outside Relaxation


Relaxing Moment


Salon Moments


The Suite


Photo Shoot


Bette Boop


The Room

About Ms Lydia

I have been in the business for over 25 years with 4 years experience
as a certified extensionist.

I have been a film artist throughout Europe as well as the United States, owned six salons in four countries, taught for Framesi, Revlon and Clairol as a colorist/chemical instructor and platform artist.

My love and passion for makeup drew me back into educating salons, spas and as a guest platform working for clients such as Clairol, Wella/Sebastian/Graham Webb and Bibo Cosmetics, to name a few. Contracting as a makeup artist for television, print and commercial advertisements have been a bonus to my life and experiences. I currently reside in the Bay Area but love to travel on location.

Get in touch

If you have a question or would like a quote, feel free to send me a message below.

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    501 Nut Tree
    Vacaville, CA 95687
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    (408) 506-5915

Different Waxing Styles

Click on the butterflies to see the difference in waxing styles
Basic Wax Extended Wax
Brazilian Wax Dare To Be Bare

IMPORTANT NOTE: Waxing should NOT be performed if you use any of the following in the last 2 months, Retin-A, Glycolic, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

For best results, repeat your professional waxing every 3-5 weeks, depending on the area and your individual hair growth rate.

Fingers, Toes, Lip, Chin or Neck Wax$10.00
Brow Arch Design 1st Time$27.00
Brow Wax - Maintenance$15.00
Brow Arch w/Tint$30.00
Brow and Lash Tint with Wax Arch$45.00
Brow Tweeze$22.00
Full Face$35.00
Bikini Wax --BasicInitial$30.00
Monthly Maintenance $18.00
ExtendedInitial $36.00
Monthly Maintenance $24.00
Monthly Maintenance $30.00
After 30 days$40.00
Dare To Be BareInitial$70.00
Monthly Maintenance$50.00
Landing Strip Bikini Wax - 1st Time$45.00+
Monthly Maintenance$25.00
Lower Leg Wax$44.00
Half Leg Wax$44.00
Full Leg Wax$65.00
Upper Leg and Basic Bikini Wax$60.00
Full Leg and Basic Bikini Wax$85.00
Full Leg and Landing Strip Wax$96.00
Full Leg and Brazilian Wax$110.00
Full Arm Wax$45.00
Half Arm Wax$30.00
Underarm Wax$15.00
Back or Chest$40.00 and up

Out of respect to all clients a 24 hr cancellation policy is required to avoid a $65.00 fee.
Appointments are required for any service.
We accept all credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks



Customized to meet the individuals needs using highly effective products enhanced with massage, essential oils, serums, enhancers and aromatherapy for de-stressing and total relaxation. (Includes Extractions)

Facials.30 min$60
45 min$70
60 min$85
75 min$100
Ferulic Apple C Peel with DNA apple Antioxidant Mosque:$30
Great for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive. Restoring treatment imporves skin textures and tone. Your complextion will take on a healthy glow!
Peel: $15 and up
Speeds up skin's natural renewal process, helps to keep acne under control, diminishes uneven skin tone and sicoloration, softens fine lines and wrinkles, leaves skin soft and glowing
Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Mosque: $15
sooths and calms sensitized skin. Relieves itchiness and redness.

Lash and Brow Tint

*Bleach and Tinting of Brows$38
*Brow Tinting$18
*Lash Tinting$25
Both Lash and Brow$34

Out of respect to all clients a 24 hr cancellation policy is required to avoid a $65.00 fee.
Appointments are required for any service.
We accept all credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks


What is Sunless Bronzing:

Sunless Body Bronzing is an airbrushed sunless tanning application using an exclusive formula, DHA (a sugarcane derivative) to bronze the skin with the precision of airbrush application and without the damage of cumulative UVA and UVB exposure to the sun.

“Brazilian Bronzing” uses DHA (dihydroxy-acetone) which has been used in sunless tanners since 1960. DHA reacts with the amino acids found on the skin's epidermal (dead) layer to produce the brown skin. Ingredients have gone through extensive testing and are FDA approved. Go healthy light or as dark as you like.

Full Body$28

Out of respect to all clients a 24 hr cancellation policy is required to avoid a $65.00 fee.
Appointments are required for any service.
We accept all credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks



Model/Actor/Socialites/Prom or any special event deserves a fabulous look

Airbrush Makeup ApplicationFull face$150+
Base and Blush $95
Makeup For eyes, blush and lips$55
for Eyes only$30
Strips: Upper$25


Lash Tinting$25
Brow Tinting$18
Both Lash and Brow $34


Restore Moisture to hands or feet.$10 ea
*Arthritis or stiffness is temporarily gone with this service recommended by physicians.


Micro-Buff Body Wash: Gently massaging away rough, dry skin, showering off to have a hydrating moisturizer applied leaving a smooth, silky finish. $105


40 Yrs of Film and Television, now providing the latest in makeup artistry designed especially for you. I specialize in women of all culture and respectful of all traditions. From the movie screen to your door!


Trials: Make-up$75
Tattoo Cover-up$45
In -Salon wedding day:Bride’s Makeup$175
Airbrushing Foundation and blush only $100
Tattoo Cover-up$75
Request travel fees for on-location and weekend bookings

Wedding Party

Attendant’s Makeup$115
False eyelash application – Flairs or Strips $25

Bride and Bridal Party within a 6 hour time limit. Additional fees of $50.00 every 30 minutes after the 6 hour time limit. More info attached for weddings.

Out of respect to all clients a 24 hr cancellation policy is required to avoid a $65.00 fee.
Appointments are required for any service.
We accept all credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks



I do repair work for damaged eyelash extensions, as well as initial placements. Below is a sample of my work:

(Hover over images to enlarge.)

Eyelashes extensions that were too long and many for eyelashes and excessive glueInitial repair work, one more session required before fully repaired.

Russian Volume is a technique that has revolutionized the lash industry. Those with Sparse or Thin lashes can now have a 2D-6D effect to their eyes safely using ultra thin Mink lashes. They are weightless and waterproof too! No more worrying about mascara. Best of all, they are comfortable, long-lasting, and comes in many colors and glitter lashes for that special occasion.


Faux Mink $200

REFILLS:SilkFaux MinkRussian Volume
within 1 week- $30$40$45
within 2 weeks-$50$70$80
within 3 weeks-$75$95$105
Removals are FREE if applied in this studio after your special event.

Add into any type of extensions. They last 7-10 days.

Candied or Glitter Lashes$3 ea
Color Synthetic Highlights (5-half eye)$20

Out of respect to all clients a 24 hr cancellation policy is required to avoid a $65.00 fee.
Appointments are required for any service.
We accept all credit cards, debit cards and cash. No checks